Learning is a lifetime’s adventure, but, for many adults, a few bad experiences or a little bit of overconfidence can see them set in their ways and losing their love for learning.

In fact, this can be one of the greatest challenges we face as facilitators — entering professional environments in which participants are not primed or prepared for learning.

Joyce Matthews joins me in this episode to discuss the theory, practice, and nuance of adult learning. You may not be surprised to hear that facilitation plays a central role in it!

Find out about:

  • Why a shift from pedagogy to andragogy is the first step in improving adult learning
  • What makes adults more complex learners than children
  • How facilitation and emotional intelligence interact in the context of adult learning
  • Why training is fine for theory, but facilitation is required to embed deeper learning
  • How to make learning an exploration of the self, using inner and outer resources
  • Why adults benefit so greatly from ‘eye-level learning’ and how you can adopt it in your work 

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