Facilitation can be a messy business; what can we do to clean it up?

Judy Rees, who’s been working with groups for almost 20 years, thinks the answer lies in clean language. A focus on clean language in turn creates what Judy calls ‘clean facilitation’.

Specificity and neutrality is the name of the game, but can facilitators ever truly be neutral? Judy and I wrestle with the big questions of influence, manipulation, and communication in this episode as we try to clear up clean facilitation and explore how to apply it in our day-to-day work.

Find out about:

  • What Judy means by ‘clean facilitation’
  • Practical examples of how clean language can help facilitators dig deeper into a discussion
  • Why getting out of the group’s way is a noble goal, but not always possible
  • The ways in which we manipulate without ever realising
  • How to use our influence with the group in a beneficial way
  • How clean language can help us better understand a group’s idiosyncrasies and uniqueness
  • Why focusing our influence on the process, rather than the content, is a valuable path to follow

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