Mojave Training

An exclusive CuratED podcast series by Mojave Training, exploring lessons and ideas on how to be a great leader and manager and to achieve success in your career and your business. Hosted on SkillDing, this series transcends traditional podcast listening, turning inspiration into tangible action.

Mojave Training - Emerge Stronger, by Nick O’Sullivan

Nick has 20 years of leadership and management experience, most gained in the Royal Marine Commandos but also the private sector.

Why CuratED?

Actionable Insights

Apply Key Takeaways from each episode and track what works.

Connect & Collaborate

Engaging community, foster connections to support your growth.

Tailored Learning Path

A CuratED selection of episodes and resources, tailored to your develop your leadership skills.

Why would I pay to listen to a podcast?

Short answer, you don’t!

I can get it for free on Spotify/Apple?

You are right, listening to podcasts is free for the most part. We are not charging you to listen to your favourite podcast, we are all about empowering you to measure/track and reflect on using what you hear to improve your personal and professional life. Sometimes people say ‘Knowledge is power’. That is incorrect – ‘Applied knowledge is power’. We help you apply the knowledge.

Makes sense. So how do you solve “The Dishwasher Problem”?

The SkillDing tools allow you to choose a time and a place to deliberately practise and reflect on how you are using the actionable content from a podcast episode. You also have the option to ask questions (or just show off your successes) directly to the podcaster, for guidance if you need it.

How does it work?

Sign up for a course via a voucher code and get immediate access to the tools, members forum and report dashboards.

Before an event

You choose a time and a place to deliberately practise something, set it and forget it. We will remind you 10 minutes before you are due to do it. It might be an important presentation, a sales conversation or a difficult conversation you need to have with someone.

After an event

When the meeting/session is complete we will nudge you to reflect on your effort. This is where the real learning happens – when you quietly reflect in your mind about how it went. You can then chalk it up to experience or go again. You can also share it with anyone who you think would benefit from being aware of your attempt (line manager, best friend, podcaster). Of course, you can keep it private until the end of time if you choose.

How does it work?

Step 1: Sign Up

Register using your voucher code to instantly access tools, community pages, and interactive report dashboards. Sign up to as many courses as you like and see them all in one place.

Redeem Voucher


Step 2: Deliberate Practice

Select a time and place to deliberately practise something you have heard in an episode. We’ll remind you 10 minutes before your chosen practice time. It could be preparing for a crucial presentation, a sales pitch, or a challenging conversation.

Step 3: After Practicing

After your session or meeting, we’ll prompt you to reflect on your efforts. The real learning occurs when you quietly contemplate how it went. You can chalk it up as experience or try again. Share your experience with anyone who might benefit, like your manager, friend, or a podcaster. Alternatively, keep it private until the end of time!


How to be a great leader and manager and to achieve success in your career and your business.

Simon Shaw has been teaching leadership and management for over 40 years and has a wealth of knowledge on the latest research and ideas. There’s also the occasional guest, hugely experienced and proven leaders themselves and all with a unique story, insights and experiences to share. It’s a rich vein of engaging content to help inspire you through your week and to enable you to be the best leader you can be – and to believe it.

Embark on a Transformative Leadership Journey.

CuratED by SkillDing is where learning meets action. It offers insights and inspiration from podcast episodes that can serve as a blueprint for success. Whether you want to refine your strategic thinking, communication skills or motivate your team, “Mojave Training” is the perfect guide. Don’t just sit at the table, lead the conversation with CuratED.


SkillDing revolutionises passive listening by transforming podcasts into an engaging and interactive learning experience. You will receive meticulously designed exercises and reflection prompts after every episode to help you apply key takeaways in practical scenarios. This is not just about absorbing information, but embedding these insights into your daily leadership practice to ensure a lasting impact. SkillDing CuratED series will take your leadership skills to the next level!

SkillDing’s CuratED platform fosters a supportive community of peers, mentors, and industry leaders to inspire individuals on their leadership journey.


Key Takeaways

What is “The Dishwasher Problem”?

How often have you heard something excellent on a podcast and thought “that is a great point, I should do that!” but you are listening while you are doing something else? Like walking the dog, sitting in traffic or emptying the dishwasher. Listening to a podcast is generally a secondary activity. So that excellent piece of advice you heard goes in one ear and out the other. But there is gold in the episodes you listen to. Think of SkillDing as the pickaxe.

CuratED Groups for Mojave Training

Mojave Training – Developing Emotional Intelligence

 This course guides you to enhance your leadership by fostering psychological safety and balancing emotional intelligence. You will be given opportunities to create environments where your team members feel secure to express opinions, thus improving open communication and empathy. The content also emphasizes the importance of self-reflection on fears, helping you to understand and manage your own and others’ emotional responses effectively. This will enable more rational decision-making and stronger relationship management within your teams.


Mojave Training – Building high-performance teams

 You will enhance your leadership capabilities by understanding how to effectively manage team dynamics and lead during crises. You’ll learn strategies for maintaining effective communication, handling challenges with emotional intelligence, and strengthening team bonds. This course also emphasizes the importance of professional development through coaching, offering practical steps to apply new leadership techniques and insights directly in the workplace, thereby improving both personal and team performance.

Mojave Training – Build your leadership skills

 You will gain practical skills in building and leading inclusive teams. You will deliberately practice communicating effectively, creating an environment where every team member feels valued and heard. The focus is on practical problem-solving, understanding the impact of language, and continuously refining leadership through feedback and self-awareness. It will teach you how to foster trust and integrity within a team, ensuring that actions align with organizational values for a more effective leadership approach.


With CuratED, you’re not just a listener; you’re an active participant in your leadership journey.