1/2 Joshua Freedman: 6 Seconds to The Heart of Leadership

Leadership and Loyalty™ · February 21, 2024

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Up until 2019, global levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) were on the rise.

However, recent data shows that our EQ has been steadily dropping since the pandemic. Take a moment to consider what this means for you as a leader. Furthermore, what does it mean in the context of attracting and keeping your top talent?

Self-awareness, particularly emotional self-awareness, can be tricky when we haven’t either developed or reinforced our emotional intelligence. Let’s say that you have done your EQ training and even read a book or two on the subject, but do we genuinely understand what Emotional Intelligence is? 


Let’s face it; emotions can seem like an inconvenient pain in that they come up when we don’t want them to, and they can be challenging to understand. But what if emotions are the most crucial value your people can bring to your organization?


Well, that’s where we’re going on our next couple of episodes with our guest Mr. Joshua Freedman. Joshua has co-founded Six Seconds, and for 25 years, he has partnered with leaders to build value with emotions in places like FedEx, the UN, and HSBC. Six Seconds works in 200 countries and territories to raise the world’s emotional intelligence. Six Seconds – is a global community of emotional intelligence practitioners, researchers, and experts, working toward a billion people practicing EQ.


Joshua is a master-certified coach (International Coaching Federation) and the international EQ Coach Certification leader. He is an international bestselling author of, At The Heart of Leadership, one of five books he’s written, including Whole-Hearted Parenting. Joshua leads two ongoing research projects, The Workplace Vitality Report and The State of the Heart, which is the world’s most extensive study of EQ. He’s co-author of the POP-UP Festival, in partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day, a free play-based curriculum introducing SEL to 1.5 million children and adults.




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Part 1) 6 Seconds from Emotional & Intelligence

  • Why Emotions Are Data
  • You are much more than Hungry, Angry, Horny, and Sad  
  • Confronting Cultural Biases of Emotions
  • Emotions are Chemical Reactions
  • The Second Nervous System
  • Zero to 100 in 6 Seconds 
  • Why Self-knowledge = Depth + Value
  • What Else Are You Feeling
  • Learning to listen to the Whispers

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