1 of 2: Justin Breen, “Epic Life, Epic Business”

Leadership and Loyalty™ · February 21, 2024

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Epic Life, Epic Business 

Take a moment to ask yourself: What’s the difference between having a successful life versus creating an epic life of impact?

Is building a global, collaborative, visionary organization possible without ignoring those you love? For many leaders, it seems impossible, but is that really true? 

In a post covid world, many of us stopped to re-evaluate our values and priorities in life. Some folks left the race; others are still screaming for things to return to normal. But wherever you and I fall on that spectrum, the truth is, at least at some level, we want to make a significant positive impact. But how can we build these epic companies of influence and impact while still being there for those we love?


I sat down for the next two episodes with Justin Breen to gain a deeper understanding of this topic. 

Justin Breen was a journalist for 20 years and went on to become the Founder/CEO of the global PR firm BrEpic and exclusive connectivity platform BrEpic Network. Justin’s newest book, Epic Life, features a foreword from Dr. Peter Diamandis and has been the No. 1 overall book for sale on Amazon Kindle. It also recently made the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller lists.

Justin Breen is also a dad who happens to be an entrepreneur who connects visionaries who are changing the world.



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Part 1) Are You Winning the Right Game 

  • Formed By the Events That Predate Us
  • Following A Divine Plan That Requires Your Action
  • What Is a Faith-Based Business? What’s Your Business Religion?
  • There Are Visionaries, And There’s Everyone Else
  • What Are the Three Attributes of A True Visionary? 
  • How To Build Collaborative Global Companies While Putting Family First
  • When Your Everyone’s Solution
  • Why Visionaries Are Their Own Worst Enemy
  • Who Is Your Stabilizing Human?

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 “Those Who Control Meaning for The Tribe, Also Control The Movement of That Tribe”














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