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Leadership and Loyalty™ · February 21, 2024

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Running Wild for Rhinos

A Life Without True Meaning is a Life Without Substance.

Unveiling the path to meaning is often found in the Power of Finding Your “Cause.”


That’s the million-dollar question: How can we unearth our cause, and more importantly, how do we persevere in serving that cause when the going gets unimaginably rough? These are questions that have captivated audiences worldwide. 

A life of meaning requires that we discover something worth fighting for, something beyond our comfort. Brace yourselves; the answers are revealed in the next two episodes with our guest from South Africa, Sharon Jessop. Sharon understands that question far better than most. She is a wildlife warrior, conservationist, ultra-endurance athlete, adventurer, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and storyteller. 

Sharon has completed four running expeditions to date, and she has run to and through 28 of the big 5 game reserves to promote rhino conservation. She has also run through some of the most remote areas in South Africa and some of the biggest townships in S.A. and has had amazing conversations with many people from all walks of life, while on foot. She is passionate about telling these stories and dispelling the myths that South Africa is a dangerous place.

Sharon Jessop is a wife, mother, adventurer, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and storyteller obsessed with beautiful places, wild spaces, and gorgeous South African people. 


Sharon is a serial entrepreneur involved in various enterprises, including a professional business consultancy to assist and support the non-profit organizations she works with. 



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 Part 1) Saving Rhinos: The Corporate Connection

  • Running For Rhinos
  • The Power to Move Those You Lead
  • Learning to Listen To What You Don’t Want to Hear
  • Running through 28 of the Big Five Game reserves of South Africa
  • Protecting The Biodiverse Rhino Ecosystem
  • African Rhinos Dying for Chinese Erections 
  • It Hair
  • White Rhinos and Black Rhinos
  • What Are Keystone Species
  • Dehorning to Save Life
  • 2030… The Clock is Ticking
  • Saving Rhino’s, the Corporate Connections


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 “Those Who Control Meaning for The Tribe, Also Control The Movement of That Tribe”














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