112: Ignite your confidence and create a career you love with Kelli Thompson

Happier At Work · February 20, 2024

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“Doubt keeps us humble and curious. If you didn’t experience this healthy and normal emotion of doubt, it means that you wouldn’t care about your audience. It means you wouldn’t care about doing good work.” – Kelli Thompson.

Joining Aoife on the podcast this week is special guest Kelli Thompson. Kelli is an inspirational women’s leadership coach, speaker and author who made the brave leap of leaving a secure job with Corporate America to start her own practice to help empower women across the globe. Kelli’s mission is to help women create a career they love and advance and make an impact in the rooms where decisions are made.

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Happier at Work® is a weekly business podcast for HR and business leaders who know that their people are their best asset, and who want to retain their top talent. Happier employees are more productive, more engaged, and stay in an organisation for longer. Through interesting guest interviews and solo episodes, host Aoife O’Brien covers four main themes: leadership equity; engagement and belonging; productivity and performance; and the future of work. What does being happier at work mean for you and your organisation?

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