156 – Adventure Education means Facilitating Vulnerability with Phil Brown (Part 2)

Workshops.Work · February 21, 2024

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If you think of adventure education, do you imagine rock climbing, swinging from trees, and kayaking down flowing streams?

For Phil Brown, Lead Trainer at High 5 Adventure Learning Centre, it looks more like overcoming vulnerability and supporting one’s peers.

Adventure education is facilitation in action – literally. The act of exploring and adventuring stretches far beyond the physical experience and challenges us emotionally and socially.

Phil joins me in this episode to share the facilitation lessons he’s learned from a career in adventure education.


Find out about:

●       Why adventure education is about far more than physical challenges

●       How to encourage risk-taking when you've worked hard to establish trust and psychological safety

●       Why collective and individual growth happens when we share novel experiences

●       How we each need different support structures around us to take risks – and how we can facilitate them

●       What it means to be vulnerable in a shared space and the things it can teach us


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Questions and Answers

Part two

[00:44] Phil shares a story of how different personalities require different types of encouragement and empowerment.

[07:56] How do you make adventure education to a person with a physical disability?

[16:48] Can adventure education translate to digital spaces?

[19:56] What's the difference between an adventurous experience and a vulnerable experience?

[24:21] What happens if we stop asking people to be vulnerable and, instead, ask them to be adventurous?

[27:18] Do we apologise for our emotions because we are not comfortable in them ourselves?

[31:08] Is it worth evaluating workshops immediately after they finish?

[33:42] What would be your advice to a facilitator who wants to be a little more adventurous?


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