2 of 2: Peter Kelly-Detwiler: A-moral Corporations, Profit and The Global Energy Transition

Leadership and Loyalty™ · February 21, 2024

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Mastering the Global Energy Transition: Embrace the challenge, seize the reins, and become a leader of tomorrow. Understand the profound impact of the global energy transition on the economy, business, and profitability. Engage in transparent discussions about carbon neutrality, net zero emissions, and their implications. Take advantage of this opportunity to unleash your potential and answer the future’s call.

Our guest for the next two episodes is Peter Kelly-Detwiler.

Peter has over 30 years of experience in the electric energy industry, with much of his career in competitive power markets, formerly an SVP leading Constellation Energy’s Demand response team. Peter admits to an abiding obsession, understanding whether humanity will collectively rise to the challenge of our changing climate. 


He spends two to three hours daily perusing 35 newsletter feeds full of information about the technology, politics, and economics of the global energy transition, trying to grasp what’s happening and translating that into actionable information for his various clients. 


Peter says that at the heart of the conversation is a straightforward fact: Atmospheric chemistry doesn’t give a damn about our politics or preferences. Peter says, “We better understand that dynamic and work out of this conundrum as fast as we possibly can.” He is the author of The Energy Switch. 



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Part 2: A-moral Corporations of The Global Energy Transition

  • Can The Old US Grid Cope?
  • What is The Answer for The Worst Electrical Grid in the US
  • Can We Supersize the US Grid by Two or Three Times What It Is Today
  • Are China and India Going to Be the Climate Problem
  • The Truth and Lies About Recycling Electric Vehicle Batteries 
  • Recycling or Repackage
  • How Much Energy is in a “Dead” Battery
  • The Surprising Longevity and Evolution of EV Batteries. 
  • Ending Colbolt Slavery
  • AI Robot Recyclers
  • The Energy Crisis and The Loss of Freedom Debate
  • Energy Consumption and Our Addiction to Convenience
  • Staying On Top of And Curious About the Avalanche of Knowledge 
  • Mitt Romney’s Climate Response in a Polarized Landscape


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