22. The Untold Heartbreak of Male Leaders, with Jim Young

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Toughen up. Be a man. Boys don’t cry.

Centuries of social conditioning have created a stigma around men’s mental health and burnout. 

And it’s killing them.

75% of suicides are men. Suicide is the biggest cause of death among men under 50. Men experience higher rates of cancer, heart disease and addiction – physical health conditions associated with high-stress lifestyles. Men’s mental health, in our workplaces, society and homes, is the conversation we should be having.

In a break from our normal format, this episode focuses on a conversation between Co-Host Al Elliott, and our expert guest, Jim Young. Just two 40-something guys discussing uncried tears, burnout and being very f@*king far from ok. It’s a conversation you’ve likely never heard before.

Join Al and Jim for an honest, vulnerable conversation about men’s mental health, including:

  • What does burnout look like for men?
  • The life-threatening risks of being a ‘tough guy’
  • Undoing 10,000 years of social conditioning
  • Ego, shame and being on top
  • The deadly ‘F Word’
  • Using intimacy to create sustainable success for you and your business


Jim Young

You can contact Jim Young for more information on his coaching services via LinkedIn: 


Or his website:


You’ll find his book, Expansive Intimacy: How “Tough Guys” Defeat Burnout, on Amazon:


Further Reading

For other vulnerable accounts of men’s mental health, including grief, we’d recommend ‘A heart that Works’ by Rob Delaney


Community Groups

For those who want to share deep, meaningful bonds with a community of men, Jim recommends organisations such as EVERYMAN (evryman.com/) and The ManKind Project (mankindproject.org/).

For men who are feeling isolated in their business lives, check out organisations like YPO (ypo.org) and Vistage (vistage.com/)

Coaching Support

There are also many dedicated coaches who offer focused men’s group experiences including Jamie Robbins in the UK (jamiecoach.com/), Ken Mossman in the US (cirrusleadership.com/classes), and, Jim (as above).

More Information

For more general information on men’s mental health, services and treatments, we recommend looking at:

The Men’s Health Forum:


The Men and Boy’s Coalition:


The Black Men’s Consortium: 


Telephone Support Services (UK)

If you’re experiencing domestic abuse, contact the Mankind Initiative on 01823 334244, to speak confidentially.

If you’re in distress or despair, including suicidal feelings, contact the Samaritans on 116 123. 

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