59. Aren’t You Tired of the BS?: How to Build a Ministry of Common Sense, with Martin Lindstrom

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In today’s episode, we’ve got a real treat for you. We’re diving deep into the world of corporate nonsense, and we’ve brought in a true expert on the subject, Martin Lindstrom, author of “The Ministry of Common Sense: How to Eliminate Bureaucratic Red Tape, Bad Excuses, and Corporate BS.” Martin is here to help us navigate the treacherous waters of corporate nonsense and chart a course towards a more sensible, purpose-driven, and empathetic business world.

Segment 1: What is Corporate BS and Who’s Affected?

  • We kick things off by defining corporate BS and shedding light on why it’s a pervasive issue in today’s business world.
  • Martin shares insights into the types of businesses that are most affected by corporate BS and why it’s critical to address this problem.

Segment 2: Auditing Your Business for Corporate BS

  • Discover how to conduct a thorough audit of your organization to identify and eliminate corporate nonsense.
  • Martin outlines practical steps and strategies for pinpointing the areas in your business that are most vulnerable to BS.

Segment 3: The Critical Role of Purpose

  • We delve into the role of purpose in combating corporate nonsense and explore why a clear sense of purpose is crucial for organizations.
  • Martin shares inspiring stories of companies that have successfully aligned their operations with a meaningful purpose.

Segment 4: The Surprising Role of Empathy

  • Empathy isn’t often associated with the corporate world, but it can be a powerful tool for reducing BS.
  • Martin reveals how cultivating empathy among leaders and employees can lead to more sensible and compassionate workplaces.

Segment 5: Martin’s Hot Take on the Remote/On-Site Argument

  • As a renowned business thinker, Martin offers his unique perspective on the ongoing debate between remote and on-site work.
  • We discuss how the pandemic has reshaped work dynamics and what this means for the future of business operations.

We hope you enjoyed this eye-opening conversation with Martin Lindstrom. Remember, eliminating corporate BS starts with awareness and a commitment to change. By auditing your business, embracing purpose, and fostering empathy, you can create a workplace that makes common sense the common practice.


Connect with Martin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindstromcompany/

Read The Ministry of Common Sense: https://www.martinlindstrom.com/ministry-of-commonsense/

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