64: How a $100m+ Founder is Revolutionising Tomorrow’s Workplace

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The Future of Work and Building Businesses with Michael Girdley

In this episode, Al talks to Michael Girdley about the future of work, the importance of integrity and loyalty, and the impact of technology on employment.

They also discuss the role of generational differences in the workplace, the value of learning how to learn, and the potential of large language models.

Michael shares personal stories and insights from his experience as a leader and entrepreneur, providing valuable advice and perspectives on various topics.


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Truth, Lies, and Workplace Culture

Want to create an enviable workplace culture where people and businesses thrive? Look no further than Truth, Lies, and Workplace Culture, the top 20 rated podcast hosted by business psychologist, Leanne Elliott, and business owner, Al Elliott.  With a unique blend of theory and practice, this dynamic duo simplifies the science of people to help business owners and leaders uncover the truth about finding, keeping, and motivating great people. Joined by some of the business world’s most respected and relevant voices, each episode delivers actionable insights and practical steps to create toxic-free workplaces that prioritise employee well-being and enable sustainable growth.  Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting out, find the knowledge and inspiration you need to build a thriving workplace.  P.S. Did we mention the hosts are also a married couple? This makes for some lively and informative discussions..!

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