67: How the BBC and RSPCA handle Trauma in the Workplace

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In this episode of “Truth Lies & Workplace Culture,” we tackle the intricate and often hidden issue of workplace trauma, a subject that remains shrouded in misunderstanding and silence.

With the expertise of our special guests from the BBC and RSPCA, we explore the various forms and nuances of trauma that can permeate work environments.

Our discussion opens with a deep dive into what constitutes workplace trauma, examining not only the overt incidents but also the subtle, chronic stressors that can lead to lasting psychological impact.

We then tackle the unique challenges faced in high-pressure sectors like media and non-profit organisations, with personal insights from our guests painting a vivid picture of the reality behind the scenes.

As the conversation progresses, we delve into the critical but often overlooked signs of unrecognised trauma in the workplace, with a detailed exploration of the symptoms employees may unknowingly exhibit and the cultural factors that can contribute to a culture of silence around mental health issues.

Our guests from the BBC and RSPCA share their experiences and observations, providing listeners with a nuanced understanding of how trauma can manifest in different sectors and the importance of acknowledging and addressing these issues.

This episode is not just an eye-opener but a call to action, urging a transformation in how we perceive, respond to, and prevent workplace trauma.


BBC guide to trauma: https://www.bbc.co.uk/safety/health/mental-health/

RSPCA: https://www.rspca.org.uk/home

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