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SkillDing · May 15, 2024

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Dr. Amishi Jha on Finding Focus and Owning Your Attention

I want you to pay attention and direct your flashlight right on this podcast — you’ll understand what that means after you listen to this episode. I’m talking to Dr. Amishi Jha, a neuroscientist and the author of the bestseller Peak Mind, about attention, focus, concentration, and mindfulness — specifically how mindfulness can literally change our levels of attention.

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Hosted by Kevin Redmond ( founder of - a digital platform providing you with a suite of tools to measure and track when, where and how you are improving your soft skills. In each episode we have a guest on to discuss a non fiction book that has impacted their life. Every episode includes these tools to enable you remember the most actionable content from the episode and to allow you to find opportunities to deliberately practice and reflect on your efforts.

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