Decide and conquer

SkillDing · February 21, 2024

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Everything that you have in your life right now is the result of a previous decision you made. Your decisions shape your life and your destiny both personally and professionally. The question then is – how do we and how should we make our decisions? There is a great quote mentioned in this book right at the beginning…’You’ll never have all the information to make a decision, if you did, it would be a foregone conclusion, not a decision.” This episode discusses how we should make decisions, why the rational decision making process is optimum in most cases but also how sometimes following your guy instinct is correct. Knowing when to use each one is the real secret. 

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Hosted by Kevin Redmond ( founder of - a digital platform providing you with a suite of tools to measure and track when, where and how you are improving your soft skills. In each episode we have a guest on to discuss a non fiction book that has impacted their life. Every episode includes these tools to enable you remember the most actionable content from the episode and to allow you to find opportunities to deliberately practice and reflect on your efforts.

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