John Couch: Part1 of 1 “The Art of Creative Rebellion”

Dov Baron · June 4, 2024

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John S. Couch: The Art of Creative Rebellion

How to champion creativity, change culture and save your soul: John Couch 

We speak so much about the need for innovation in our businesses and in our industries. However, a vital question we may need to stop and ask is: are we strangling innovation in the crib by restricting the Creative Rebels inside our own organizations?

Our special guest on this exclusive episode is John Couch 

He is Chief Experience Officer for Blockchain Creative Labs / Head of Galvanize Studios/author of “The Art of Creative Rebellion” / former head of design for Hulu | eBay | Qualcomm | CBS | MOCA | Wired

John led the successful 2017 redesign of the Hulu Experience. John Couch considers himself as a battle-hardened creative executive who has learned how to keep his creative soul and humanity while working in the massive corporate machinery of modern capitalism. He is a writer (novels and screenwriting), artist (you can see him create live on Instagram, he’s also a designer who is dedicated to unlocking creativity in businesses, his co-workers and himself. He’s one of today’s leading creative minds­ and the author of a new and rather radical book for modern rebels about how to find success―without losing your edge. The Art of Creative Rebellion.

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