Leading Through Facilitation: Unpacking the Complexity of Group Dynamics with Rob Evans

Workshops.Work · February 21, 2024

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The prevailing view in organisations (and among their leaders) is that change processes are rational challenges — a question of getting from A to B with efficiency and minimal interruption.

After 30+ years of facilitating change processes and training others to do the same, Rob Evans has learned that a great deal of the work to be done is anything but rational.

The emotional and political contexts in which groups exist matter. The decision-making structure around the team matter. The restrictions and fears matter.

Join us for a discussion in the depth and detail of group dynamics, participant empowerment, and the deeply human sides of facilitation.

Find out about:

  • Why prioritising participants learning and growth is an ever-reliable foundation for workshop planning
  • How to account for emotional and political contexts in your workshop and avoid over-rationalisation
  • Why Rob believes successful workshops hinge on having a large enough group
  • How to approach a problem that is too big for the group to fix
  • Why it’s worth asking why a change hasn’t happened yet, before we ask how to make the change
  • What Rob has learned form helping drug users to rehabilitate from their addictions

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