“Lucky” Jim McCarthy: Paperboys, Partnerships & Poundland (Part2)

Success is a System · February 21, 2024

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Welcome back to Success is a System with Mike Greene!

This time we carry on from where we left off last week with Retail Titan “Lucky” Jim McCarthy who from humble beginnings as a paperboy took the Poundland chain to over a billion pound turn over!

Listen as Jim talks about his trials and tribulations in his endearing style of storytelling as he recounts some of the most remarkable stages of his rise in the retail sector at various national brands.

Pay attention as Mike uncovers Jim’s Secrets to Success in a truly remarkable, personal and frank discussion. Listen for hilarious stories and entertaining anecdotes that capture his charming personality and bold business acumen in the second part of this amazing interview!

If you’re in the retail sector this one is NOT to be missed! 

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