Part 1 of 2: Jon Levy: Look Who’s Coming to Dinner: The Unique Social Experiment that Sparked Global Influence

Dov Baron · February 21, 2024

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Have you ever played the Dinner Party Game? It’s a game where you create a guest list and invite anyone to dinner, and they must come. For most of us, that’s just a fun idea. 

However, by the time he’d reached his late twenties, Jon Levy was struggling. His start-up had failed, and he was grappling with the financial crash of 2008. Jon knew he wanted to make a difference in the world but didn’t know how. So, he hosted a dinner party and invited 12 strangers to cook for him. 


From those humble beginnings, the “Influencers Dinner” was born – a network now comprising thousands of people, including Nobel laureates, Olympic champions, and award-winning musicians.


Jon Levy’s first book, The 2 AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure, was released in 2016. However, in 2018, Jon Levy did a TED presentation titled: What makes us influential? 

That presentation birthed behavioral scientist Jon Levy onto the world stage. His Second book, “You’re Invited:” The Art and Science of Connection, Trust, and Belonging, has become a New York Times & WSJ Bestseller. 


Today, we all live in a post-pandemic world where most people work from home at least part of the time. Yet, as we have more time to be with who we love, we’re also dealing with a global epidemic of loneliness. So, what can we do to bring Connection, Trust, and Belonging back? 




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