Part 1 of 2: Presidential Candidate Dean Phillips: Dignity For All

Dov Baron · February 21, 2024

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William Becker, contributor for to “The Hill” a Washington DC newspaper, recently wrote that: The 2024 election could be the end of democracy as we know it. 

 Politics is, at best, a messy career path. 

 So why would anyone jump in? 

The easy answer, for most, is that they want to make a difference. But can those who genuinely want to make a difference clean up the pig pen when more pigs keep jumping in?

 And when lobbyists are feeding and fattening those in the trough?    

That’s what we will ask our esteemed guest today: Congressman Dean Philips, who is running for president in the primary against Joe Biden. Dean believes we can clean up this Governmental mess. 

Moreover, he’s willing to put everything on the line to prove it. 

This week, our guest of honor is Dean Phillips. He is a third-term Democratic Congressman from Minnesota running for president in the primary against Joe Biden. 




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Part 1: Time for a GenX President?

  • Is Real Change Possible? 
  • The Disconnect Between the Parties and the Population
  • There is No Democracy Without Debate 
  • Fighting Against Self-Preservation
  • How The System Polutes Good people
  • Being The Outsider…In Business and Politics
  • Political Lessons from Vodka and Ice Cream
  • Time for a GenX President?
  • Bridging Political Divides and Finding Common Ground
  • The Best and Worst Moments That Define America 
  • Time for Principled Disruption
  • Are Bipartisan Politics Still Possible
  • How The Tears of His Daughter Launched A Political Carrer.
  • Nikki Hayley, Donald Trump, and Dean Philips. 
  • Political corruption and fundraising in Washington.
  • Poisoning The Well Under The Disguis of Citizens United

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