Part 1of1: The Man Nobody Knew. With guest Evan Stewart

Leadership and Loyalty™ · February 21, 2024

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The Man Nobody Knew

Are you ready to uncover the hidden legacy of a man who changed the course of history? Meet “The Man Nobody Knew,” a man who transformed the US and the world. Despite being unknown to most, his impact is immeasurable. What if you had the power to bring his legacy to the forefront? Would you seize the opportunity to enlighten the world about this unsung hero? Join us on a journey to discover, The Man Nobody Knew and his incredible impact on our world. Don’t miss the chance to uncover and share the hidden truth with the world. 

Our guest for this enlightening episode is Evan Stewart. Evan is the author of the new biography Myron Taylor: The Man Nobody Knew. Evan is a prominent New York City lawyer. He is also a professor at two universities and has published approximately 300 articles. Evan has written a book that tells the story of one of the most consequential Americans of the 20th Century. But until this book’s publication, virtually no one alive had ever heard of Myron Taylor!

Today, we will find out why that is, and we will also learn about events that not only changed the history of the WWII area but also impacted the world in which we now live.

Discovering “The Man Nobody Knew”

  • Multi-generations of Law
  • A Man in a Time When Ego was Less Important Than Service
  • From Lawyer to Textile Czar, and on to Saving US Steel
  • Why US Steel was at 17% of Capacity, Did He Refuse To Do Layoffs 
  • Ending Labor Riots
  • Curiosity and the Humility To Learn – A Powerful Formula for Prophecy 
  • Decades Before the Problems of Today, Predicting The Challenges of The Middle East  
  • Meet The Godfather of The UN
  • Was The Pope a Nazi Sympathizer?
  • When The US was Anti-Catholic
  • The Wisdom of FDR Picking The Man Nobody Knew
  • Cincinnati’s Major Influence on The US Entering WWII
  • Saving Stalin 
  • How The Nazis Would Have Won The War without The Man Nobody Knew

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