Part 2 of 2: Jon Levy: Why Community Matters More in The Ai Age

Dov Baron · February 21, 2024

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Part 2: Why Community Matters More in The Ai Age  The Dog Baron Show Podcast: Unleash the Power of Connection, Trust, and Belonging!

Ever imagined hosting a Dinner Party Game where anyone you invite has to show up? Sounds fun, right? But for Jon Levy, it became a life-changing experience.

Struggling after a failed start-up and hit by the 2008 financial crash, Jon sought a way to make a difference. He decided to host a dinner party, inviting 12 complete strangers to cook for him. Little did he know that this humble gathering would spark a global movement known as the “Influencers Dinner.”

From Nobel laureates to Olympic champions and award-winning musicians, the Influencers Dinner network now boasts thousands of extraordinary individuals.

Jon Levy’s TED presentation, “What makes us influential,” catapulted him onto the world stage as a renowned behavioral scientist. His first book, “The 2 AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure,” took the world by storm in 2016. And now, his latest masterpiece, “You’re Invited: The Art and Science of Connection, Trust, and Belonging,” has become a sensational New York Times & WSJ Bestseller.

Join us today in our post-pandemic world, where loneliness has reached epidemic levels. Part 2: Why Community Matters More in The Ai Age

Connection, Trust, and Belonging in a Post-Pandemic World

Navigating The Great Resignation and The Great Re-evaluation

The Massive Importance of community in the workplace

The Greatest Predictor of Engagement and Loyalty 

What is Psychological Safety, and Why Does It Matter

Building Connections at a Distance

Why Bring Your People Back to The Office Isn’t Enough

Henry Ford and Orthodox Jews and the 5 Day Work Week Lie

Dinner and a Bribe

The Ikea Effect

Opening and Closing Vulnerability Loops

Intimacy Games – The Power of Reciprocal Vulnerability

Why Human Skills are NOT Soft

What Your Initials Tell Us About Who You’ll Date

Community, Stock Value, and Profitability

Finding or Creating Common Ground

Lessons From Disney on Overcoming Buyer’s Remorse

Who Are You Inviting, and To What

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