Pt2of2: Stephen Steers: How To Remove Sales from Selling!

Leadership and Loyalty™ · February 21, 2024

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What is the most valuable commodity of our era? Is it oil, diamonds, or cobalt? Most things you can think of may have great value, but they will never come close to the most valuable thing, attention. Without attention, your leadership, culture, and business will fade into oblivion faster than you can say, Peewee Herman. But how can we grab and keep attention? We could ask the Kardashians. They individually and collectively kept our attention for 15 years. But I’m guessing you’re not looking for that kind of attention.    


Think about it. We’ve all been somewhere listening to someone speak, whether it’s at a conference or a coffee shop, and a person is telling a story that grabs our attention, and you can’t pull away. 


Now, you’ve likely heard podcasts and read books about storytelling. But what if I told you there are at least a few gems everyone misses? Those gems will give you Superpower Storytelling so you can tell the stories you need to tell to lead successfully! That’s what our guest for the next two episodes is the master of. If you’ve ever done anything that even has the slightest area of sales or marketing, you no doubt already know the power of telling great stories to grab attention. However, everyone is now doing that, so how do you grab that attention and keep it?


Our guest for these next two episodes is Stephen Steers.

Stephen is a sales consultant, author, and speaker and has consulted, advised, and led workshops for over 600 companies from 28 countries. He is also the author of a brand-new book, Superpower Storytelling, a Tactical Guide to Telling the Stories You Need to Lead, Sell and Inspire!


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Part 2) How To Remove Sales from Selling!

  • What To Do When You Can’t Remember What You Said or Did
  • The 4 Step Structure Called A.R.E.A
  • Why Being Human Is Better Than Being Perfect
  • What to Memorize and What to Never Memorize
  • How to Automatically Add Gravitas to Your Presentation… It’s Not What You Think! 
  • Lessons From the Mexican and Turkish Market Place.
  • The Mind is Lazy, Don’t Make It Work
  • Excuse Me, is This a Piece Of Your Brain
  • Solving Problems or Selling Solutions
  • Lessons From The 1960s Audio Dramas 
  • What To Do When Your Brain is Empty, and Your Mouth is Dry
  • Why You Should Never Start Your Story at The Beginning!

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