[Quick Tip] Talking About the Plane vs. Talking About the Pain – 276

Kevin · February 21, 2024

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Quick tips to build your speaking confidence, skills, impact, business or engaging talk content. These tips originate from issues that come up for students, and questions from my audience. If you want to get your question answered DM me on Instagram or LinkedIN @Saraharcher15. 

I come across many speakers who are struggling to connect with their audience, and as a consequence their talks fail to get them the results that they want. One of the biggest reasons they struggle is because they are doing what I call … talking about the plane vs. talking about the pain. 

That’s why in this episode I’m sharing:

  • What it means to talk about the plane
  • Why your audience doesn’t care about the plane
  • What you need to focus on instead.
  • Why ‘avatar’ exercises are pointless
  • How to find the burning platform that will get your audience into action
  • The opportunity if you can connect deeply
  • A special tool I created to help you get this right 


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