Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson

SkillDing · February 21, 2024

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We have all had the feeling in our lives that we are surrounded by idiots – “If everyone did what I told them to do when I told them to do it we wouldn’t be in this mess”….does that sound familiar? It is extremely frustrating when you recognise that your plea’s, plans and persuasion techniques are falling on deaf ears. According to the author of ‘Surrounded by Idiots’ you may in fact be reading the room wrong. The chances are that you are not surrounded by idiots, you are surrounded by different personality types. In this book author Thomas Erikson puts forward the idea of there being 4 main personality types, categorised by colour. Red/dominant, Yellow/optimistic, Green/calm and Blue/realists. It is a fascinating look at how we can parse out people and their frame of reference for the world by these categories. In this episode we cover the 4 personality types in detail, how they might be perceived and how to deal with people you recognise as fitting into one of these categories.

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