The Diamond Dozen for Developing Your Speaking Skills – 234

The Speaking Club · February 21, 2024

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To be a great public speaker you need substance and style. I’ve seen many speakers who are very showy, but their content completely misses the mark, and I’ve seen speakers with a great message to share, but who fail to communicate it in a way that engages their audience.

I want anyone I work with, through my programmes and this podcast to have compelling content AND charisma as a speaker. I want you to have a talk that you’re excited to share and the confidence in your own speaking skills that means you step ‘on stage’ with power. 

In this show, I want to focus on the second half of the speaking equation, supporting you with the delivery of your message. In my opinion there are four core speaking skills, mindset, storytelling, performance and humour, and that’s why I’m sharing a dozen episodes that really zero in on helping you develop these, so that you can get ready to rock after the summer break.


What you’ll learn:

  • The four core speaking skills you need to develop
  • Tips to help you with managing your mindset
  • Ways to develop your storytelling
  • Insight around using your voice.
  • How to power up your performance
  • Tips for using humour in your talks.

And more!!

Links to Episodes:

Mindset Mastery:

Episode 24 – My Eight Hacks for Mental Resilience & Getting What You Want

Episode 164 – Unblock the Dam and Set Your Stories Free!

Episode 177 – Taking Back Control of Your Future with Tim Box


Storytelling Mastery:

Episode 155 – The Seven Sins of Storytelling

Episode 9 – The Secrets to Storytelling Part 3

Episode 036 – The Keys to Compelling Storytelling with Margot Leitman 

Performance Tools:

Episode 85 – How to find the Big Moments of Your Talk

Episode 116 – Setting Your Authentic Voice Free for Great Public Speaking with Kristin Linklater

Episode 039 – Body Language Secrets for Speaking and Sales Success with Shelly O’Donovan



Episode 019 – Humour 101 for Public Speaking

Episode 084 – Five Insider Tips for Adding Humour to Your Stories

Episode 049 – How to Make Clever Funny with Dr. Steve Cross


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If you want to have a laugh whilst learning how to increase your confidence and public speaking skills, for personal or business growth, then you have come to the right place. Discover tips, tricks and strategies on how to speak and pitch using humour and performance. Find out how to better connect with people’s pain points in a way that they will want to talk about and share, and get the low down on powering up your mind set. Sarah Archer, is a stand-up comedian, playwright, speaker and business woman. She is also author of ‘Cracking Speech Mate! – How to use humour to make you an amazing speaker’, and ‘Straight to the Top – How to create and deliver a killer elevator pitch’. Communicating with authenticity and power, influencing through copy, spoken word and body language, managing negative thoughts and anxiety, building authority and trust, story-telling and comedy secrets...oh and we’ll also cover focus and time management ‘cause Sarah has a mind like a butterfly! Join her for fun and aha moments.

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