The Interplay of Design Thinking, Facilitation and Leadership with Shamir Joseph

Workshops.Work · February 21, 2024

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Changing behaviour is something of a holy grail in our line of work. It’s one thing to help a group see things in a new light, but to integrate it in a way that creates lasting change… that’s the ultimate goal.

As one might expect, its not the easiest task.

Shamir Joseph’s approach to this challenge is especially interesting to me — because he isn’t focused purely on one variable. He looks at the full picture of facilitation: frameworks, methodologies, inner game, repetitions. It’s refreshing and hugely informative. There’s a lot to learn in just one hour with Shamir.

Find out about:

  • How the ‘knowing, doing, being’ framework relates to our work in the room, as well as our role
  • What sustainable behavioural change looks like and how to avoid the fallible, ‘easy’ versions
  • Why, sometimes, facilitators are well-advised to rein in their creative, experimental tendencies
  • Differentiating the ways trainers, coaches, and facilitators are involved in behaviour change
  • How adaptability is a symptom of empathy
  • Why independent teams follow wherever effective leaders and facilitators go — and how to discern the impact of both
  • How Shamir practices self-reflection and the framework he uses to do so

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