The Labyrinth of Corporate Facilitation: Power, Compassion, and Change with Breeze Dong, Gabor Bittera & Tobias Mayer

Workshops.Work · February 21, 2024

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If you ever feel like facing a challenge as a facilitator, take on a large corporate client. Even better: work in-house as their facilitator!

Such environments present many challenges, from the practical logistics to the messy social elements. To dissect and understand the unique approach required in this situation, it makes sense to host a unique episode.

A fireside conversation, before a live audience of NeverDoneBefore community members, between three expert facilitators with varying backgrounds and a beautiful history between them.

So, join us for a deeper look at the art of facilitation in corporate settings. You stand to learn a lot!

Find out about:

  • Why facilitators aren’t usually hired to ‘fix’ things, even if that’s the original purpose
  • How to get an organisation ready to change, before any change process begins
  • Why it can be valuable to enter the room as a clear ‘difference’ to its established norms
  • How our physical environment impacts our presence, emotions, and activity
  • Why groups inherently seek balance — and how to use this with awareness in your work
  • How to play with emotional, physical, and mental ‘balance’ in a safe and agreeable way
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The world is waking up to the power of facilitation. Whether it's hosting a workshop, holding better meetings, or leading happy and productive teams - we want to make collaboration easy and effective. Dr. Myriam Hadnes is the founder of NeverDoneBefore, a global online facilitation community and festival, and this is her podcast. 'workshops work' is 50% sandbox and 50% classroom, a safe space for anyone interested in facilitation to learn more about the craft. Each week, a professional facilitator, trainer, or coach joins Myriam to discuss their interests and experiences in the world of facilitation. The conversations are open, and honest, and make facilitation understandable and accessible to all.Get practical tips and advice from a raft of experts and uncover the magic ingredients that make workshops work. You can download a free 1-page summary of each episode on

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