The Process is the Outcome with Kirsten Clacey

Workshops.Work · February 21, 2024

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Kirsten Clacey is a facilitator and coach, currently Head of Facilitation at Automattic’s Learn Division, with some brilliant perspectives on process, content, and learning.

What’s even better is that she holds these ‘competing’ views with wonderful balance and nuance.

In this episode, Kirsten shares why she places so much value on process — without sacrificing content. The key, as she sees it, is to create a process that lets learning opportunities emerge naturally for the participants.

Learn how Kirsten creates integrated processes, makes learning happen fast, and adjusts her process and content depending on the circumstance.

Find out about:

  • Why the outcome of a workshop is embedded throughout the process, not as a final lightbulb moment
  • How a focus on process eventually leads to stronger, self-directed outcomes
  • Why facilitators are experts in adapting — for themselves and the environments they create for others
  • How to dial up and down the balance of content and process, according to the group and their needs
  • How to facilitate with and around an ‘expert’ participant
  • Why it’s critical for participants to apply the skills they’re learning in-situ, to embed the learning and create a snowballing sense of progress

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