The Secret to Becoming a Public Speaker that Changes Lives – 072

The Speaking Club · February 21, 2024

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Regardless of whether you’re a motivational speaker who wants to inspire people to take action, an educational speaker that wants the audience to think in new ways, a corporate leader who wants their employees to buy into change, or someone who uses speaking to sell their products or services… to achieve your goals you need to understand how to reach people and how to influence them.


In most scenarios when we speak, we will be trying to convince people to take a different view of their life, their business, their health or something else. To do this we will need to overcome the beliefs that our audience is likely to be holding about the topic, themselves and a myriad of other things, that get in the way of them seeing new possibilities.


To overcome these beliefs, you have to engage your audience in a way that shows them that what you’re offering is possible and possible for them. In this episode I will be sharing the most powerful tool public speakers have in their arsenal for changing beliefs, which can in turn change people’s lives.




What this episode covers:

  • What might get in the way of your message landing.
  • What you need to think when you are preparing your talk if you want to have maximum impact.
  • Where objections come from and how to overcome them.
  • How our beliefs get shaped.
  • The most powerful tool a speaker has for changing beliefs.
  • The real business that speakers are in.


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The Speaking Club

If you want to have a laugh whilst learning how to increase your confidence and public speaking skills, for personal or business growth, then you have come to the right place. Discover tips, tricks and strategies on how to speak and pitch using humour and performance. Find out how to better connect with people’s pain points in a way that they will want to talk about and share, and get the low down on powering up your mind set. Sarah Archer, is a stand-up comedian, playwright, speaker and business woman. She is also author of ‘Cracking Speech Mate! – How to use humour to make you an amazing speaker’, and ‘Straight to the Top – How to create and deliver a killer elevator pitch’. Communicating with authenticity and power, influencing through copy, spoken word and body language, managing negative thoughts and anxiety, building authority and trust, story-telling and comedy secrets...oh and we’ll also cover focus and time management ‘cause Sarah has a mind like a butterfly! Join her for fun and aha moments.

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